Payson Ammo Factory Drops Plans To Expand

After months of work on plans to build an industrial park at the end of the scenic Granite Dells Road, but an expanded Payson ammo factory drops plans to expand.


The town worked busily with Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts (ATAC) to bring to fruition a planned 100,000-square-foot “modern campus, equipped with clean, lean and green manufacturing equipment. The expansion will add 150 sustainable manufacturing careers including research, engineering and training professionals according to Antich, founder and managing partner of ATAC, last fall was very vocal of his support of the efforts of the mayor to keep his expanding business and jobs in Payson.


Antich had said last fall, many other towns and states had approached him about relocating to their communities. “We had a $200 million loan fund from the state of Texas at 3.5 percent interest, probably $4 million in just, here, please come. Tax abatements for 10 years and free land at some places,” Antich said in August. “But I don’t want to leave here. Business-wise, money-wise, greed-wise, why wouldn’t I go there? … I want to be here, we want to be here, our employees want us to be here.”

Not everyone supported those expansion plans.

According to the Payson Roundup as recently as last week that Mayor Kenny Evans confirmed the project is no more.

He said the turmoil created by a dozen residents fighting the project scared ATAC off. He said he hopes ATAC does not get up and leave the town altogether after the brouhaha, taking with it 70 jobs and sales tax revenue.


Jim Antich, founder and managing partner of ATAC, would not respond to the Roundup’s repeated requests for comment on the issue.


It would appear that as a result of the voices of a dozen people, the ATAC expansion plans and jobs may very well go the way of Ruger 27 years ago.


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