Payson Arizona Voters Want More Businesses and More Jobs.

Attracting more businesses that bring more jobs is apparently what residents of Payson Arizona want based on last weeks election results.Town of payson arizona


Despite Payson having seen a significant increase in new business licenses in the past year,  mayoral challenger Randy Roberson had launched a tenacious attack on the incumbent’s economic development efforts. His criticism even included the effort to keep

one of Payson’s only manufacturing firms,ATAC, LLC, from leaving Payson.


Interestingly, Jim Antich, founder and managing member of  ATAC,LLC, demonstrated his support for the mayor where he wrote recently in the Payson Roundup –  Wow, I guess “The Voice of Rim Country” i.e. Roberson, Lockhart and Brown’s idea of new economic development for Payson would be an additional title loan and check cashing business or possibly a new “medical” marijuana distribution business on Highway 87 instead of sustainable manufacturing careers … go figure.


Payson, please vote for Mayor Evans, Ed Blair, Fred Carpenter and Su Connell; help us ensure our future remains in the Rim Country.


The employees of ATAC and their families want to graciously thank Mayor Evans. Without Mayor Evans’ endless compassion, his selfless dedication, his visionary leadership and his worldwide political relationships, ATAC would have gone the way of Ruger 27 years before and bypassed Payson.ambitious plans to support future development by expanding the town’s water supply, and even Evans’ hands-on efforts to recruit new businesses.”


Mayor Evan has said work on the water supply and job producing businesses like a university and the industrial park have laid a strong foundation for Payson’s growth to a diverse population of 40,000. He has also said that he has generally worked 60 hours a week or more during his whole tenure as mayor to lay that groundwork.

In addition to the efforts to keep the expanding ATAC. LLC from leaving Payson, a number of new business have opened in Payson for example, just within the past few weeks we have seen the opening of Scrubs And More Boutique, House of Color, Pirate Cove and Native Grill & Wings to name a few.


Well the people of Payson have spoken and apparently they want more businesses and more jobs to continue to open in Payson, mayor Evans collected 55 percent of the votes cast compared to 45 percent for Roberson.

Payson council incumbents Fred Carpenter and Su Connell both received enough votes to avoid a November runoff.

If you too are considering opening or relocating a business to Payson, let me know how I can help you with your commercial real estate needs.



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