Are You Trying to be a “Jack Of All Trades” in your Business?

Being a “Jack of all trades and a master of none” is not a good strategy your business.

Payson Arizona

I frequently talk to business owners who have paid the penalties “literally”, of hiring one of their regular “vendors” to provide additional services for them that was obviously outside the “vendors” area of expertise.


We are all in business to make money and it is difficult to turn down business form a regular customer/client and while meeting every need of every customer may sound customer-centric, that approach often leads to not serving any customers well.


Being in the real estate industry, many people think real estate is real estate. All real estate is not the same. Can you think of anything that a commercial building has in common with a house? If you said they both have at least one bathroom I urge you to think how the bathroom in a commercial building resembles the bathroom in your home. Right try again.


Well not only are the features between a house and a commercial building different, but the marketing strategies between residential and commercial real estate is also vastly different.


I am a commercial real estate agent, I do know however, many very qualified residential agents, so even though people give me strange looks when they ask me to help them buy or sell their home, and I refer them to one of those residential agents, even family members.


Even the largest of companies can’t afford to chase every dollar—only the dollars that align with their business strategy.


Let me know how I can help your with your commercial real estate needs.



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