“Superfund site” in Payson, cleaned up according to The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

The Arizona “Superfund site” in Payson, cleaned up according to officials at The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), they have removed toxic dry cleaning chemicals that contaminated the groundwater at Cherry and Tonto well sites.

Officials believe, back in the 1980’s, Grand Way Cleaners, in the Bonanza Square shopping center, released chemicals into the sewer system between 1984 and 1988, releasing toxic sludge into the sewer system, contaminating the drinking water to dangerously high levels.Bonanza Plaza in Payson AZ


In 2000, the ADEQ added to the registry the Payson site, bounded by West McKamey Street to the north, South Colcord Road to the east, South Meadow Street to the west and West Frontier Street to the south.


In 2000, the ADEQ began a comprehensive groundwater monitoring program and tested additional wells in the area. Since 2006, the concentration of contaminants has remained low.


The Payson Roundup recently reported that the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality announced it had completed cleanup work, at the “superfund site”, four years ahead of schedule, according to ADEQ, original estimates.

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