Where the Heck is Payson Arizona?

Payson Arizona, located in the heart of Arizona offers much more than it’s western rodeo history.Payson Arizona near Mogollon rim


Payson Arizona, is located about 90 miles from anywhere, 90 miles from Phoenix, 90 miles from Showlow, 90 miles from Flagstaff and 91 miles from Winslow. You really can’t get much closer to the center of Arizona than Payson.


Payson is located at the base of the 7000 foot high Mogollon Rim and the 200 mile long largest ponderosa pine forest in the world. At it 5000 foot elevation, Payson enjoys a very pleasant climate with four mild seasons.


In addition to hosting three major rodeos every year, Payson and the Rim Country offer many outdoor activities including, camping, fishing, hunting and mountain biking making Payson one of Arizona’s jewels.


While Payson along with many other areas in the county has experienced stagnation since the housing bubble, there has been renewed optimism in the past year with the start of construction of the pipeline that will double the towns water supply making the Rim Country one of the few areas in the state of Arizona with enough water.


Additionally with the recent announcement of hundreds of new home planned in the pipeline and the hope of putting the finishing touches on the long awaited proposed building of a 6000 student university in Payson.


The hopes of developing a year round economy with good, middle class jobs and affordable housing seem to be coming into focus, making Payson Arizona more than just “Arizona’s cool mountain town”.


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