The Corner on the Most Heavily Trafficked Intersection in Payson is No Longer Available.

The commercial property at the busy intersection in Payson is no longer available.

The tearing down a long-vacant restaurant at the busy intersection of Highways 87 and 260 to make way for a Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Payson.

Earlier this week, crews started tearing down a long-vacant former Chinese restaurant, that has sat empty for the better part of the last decade.

I noticed the other day, on the Payson Roundup’s Facebook Page, many people expressed disappointment, that the most prominent piece of commercial property in Payson will host a fast food joint and not a sit-down family restaurant.

While several expressed they had wished a Panda Express moving to town, undoubtedly, I think most everyone would agree, anything is better than an old abandoned commercial property.

Carl’s Jr is a fine establishment and I have now doubt they will find much success in the Rim Country and I am sure the people of Payson will welcome them with open arms.

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