Looking to Attract Top Talent? Examine Your Office Environment!

As Millenials will be making up 75% of the workforce in 11.5 years, we can expect the rapidn gilbert office condo changes in today’s office space is inevitable.

What does this mean for the office space and the changing workplace? A lot! In an age of smart phones, tablets, laptops and the cloud, the Millenials are not only quite comfortable with working via the Internet, but actually prefer it.

A study by Mom Corps, a national talent acquisition and career development firm revealed that flexibility is one of the most important factors they consider when deciding what company to work for.

“The main takeaway from this year’s survey is that flexible work trends are gaining attention and momentum,” said Mom Corps founder and CEO Allison O’Kelly. “We see more employees asking for the work situations they need and more companies offering flexibility as a talent management strategy.”

Today’s younger workforce is used to, and prefers the idea of being mobile. As the office space workplace goes more and more mobile, with employees working wherever is convenient, it becomes necessary to recruit and retain the most motivated employees, as workers that are not self-motivated, could easily abuse the system.

As work becomes less of a place and more of an activity, businesses that expect to be able to attract the best and the brightest of this generation, will need to change how they perceive and manage their employees.

Productivity measurement will be the key, not hours spent at the office. Pay of course should be tied to performance, and as a result these workers can and will perform at a higher level and be happier while do it.

Work is becoming more of what we do and less of where we are. One of the tools being used in this change is that of office hoteling. It is where those who do not need a full time desk space simply login and reserve a space when needed, resulting in savings in real office space costs.

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