Payson Strives to Become a Destination Point.

A welcome boost in revenue for local businesses as well as sales tax revenue for the city of Payson.

While it has a long way to go, Payson is making progress in becoming a destination point Payson Arizona near Mogollon rimrather than just a pass-through area on the way to the cooler temperatures of the rim country, as it has been in years past.

Local businesses have for years longed for events within the town of Payson that would bring in tourism dollars from outside the area.

I have seen these events increase in number over the past several years, which have indeed helped the local businesses.

One of the activity centers is the Event Center in Payson. The Event Center hosts the rodeo, weekly horse riding activities and the occasional festival and special events like the Mountain High Games. However, the facility remains under-utilized, due in part to the lack of amenities and a roof, which limits use (many of us have experienced being caught in the stands when a monsoon storm hits).

The town has over the years promoted several major plans to improve the Event Center, most of which involve putting up a roof so that the facility could host year-round events like trade shows, which would of course benefit local business by filling local hotels and restaurants with event participants.

One would hope that those plans would move forward now that the plan to build a 6,000-student university, a 500-room hotel, a incubation center, a solar chip assembly plant, a research park and dorms in Payson, which will have a huge economic impact in the Payson area, seem to be moving forward.

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