Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Area to Become a Premier Business Destination

The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport area has the ingredients to become one of the nation’sindustrial buildings mesa premier destinations for companies looking to relocate or expand.


The Mesa Tech Corridor is an area near the northern end of the Gateway area along Elliot Road between the 202 Freeway and Signal Butte Road is a great fit for tech companies of all types, especially data centers and other large power users, offering water, freeway access and, most importantly, significant power capacity and infrastructure.


The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport area is also a great place for research and development (R&D) and for tech companies to grow. With nearby the Gateway area’s higher-eduation “knowledge corridor,” that includes Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus and Chandler-Gilbert Community college.


Arizona State University (ASU) Polytechnic’s College of Technology and Innovation is located in the Gateway area with more than 12,000 students and significant R&D activity. Moreover, Mesa and ASU have also launched the Mesa Technology Accelerator, where high-tech companies can go to super-charge their growth. Arizona Laboratories for Security and Defense, a place for companies doing highly sensitive research and manufacturing is also in the Gateway area.


The Gateway Area, bordered by US 60, Pecos, Signal Butte and Power Roads, the Gateway area is 37.5 square miles (24,000 acres) of land, much of which has been earmarked for commercial and industrial development. This includes land and buildings available for companies to expand or relocate.


Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc’s recently announced presence, will be a critical draw for new companies and very attractive to existing businesses. Companies such as TRW, Lockheed Martin, L-3 Communications, CMC Steel, MGC Pure Chemicals, FujiFilm, CRM Rubber, Able Engineering, Cessna, Embraer and many others call the Gateway area home.


2,200 acres have been designated as Foreign Trade Zone #221 where companies can reduce, defer or eliminate the payment of import duties and tariffs. Active users of the zone who qualify can also receive a significant reduction in real and personal property tax.


Portions of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport have been designated as a Military Reuse Zone offering companies a transaction privilege tax exemption, tax credits for job creation, and property reclassification allowing both real and personal property to be reclassified, which could result in property tax savings.

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