What a University in Payson means to the Community

This plan to build a 6,000-student university in Payson, a 500-room hotel, a incubation center, aPayson Arizona in the Rim Country of Arizona (Mogollon Rim) solar chip assembly plant, a research park and dorms in this cool mountain town of 15,000 will be huge for Payson, Star Valley as well as the rest of the Rim Country.


The Rim Country Educational Alliance, an Entity set up by the towns of Payson and Star Valley, is purchasing the 260 acre site from the Forest Service. The Alliance will actually build the campus and own the facilities and then lease the facilities to the university and to other related businesses. The plan calls for tuition 30 to 50 percent lower than the three existing public universities in the state, ensuring a ready supply of students.


The Alliance plans to build a creative, state-of-the-art campus that will turn the whole town into a high-speed, wireless Internet site. The campus will offer key areas of study will include nursing, business, rural health care, forest health, alternative energy, education and fire science.


In terms of environmental concerns. The campus design firm will create a forested campus designed for walking and biking. The designers will match the layout to the purpose of the campus, and create a sense of community blended with nature.


Additionally, plans call for the campus to rely on solar and geothermal power, advanced energy-efficient design and materials that will make the campus itself a sustainability showcase.


Ultimately the project will inject $150 million annually into the economy and transform the amenities, demographics and housing market of a rural town long dependent on summer tourism and second-home owners.


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