Phoenix area Business Executives are growing more confident about Business Growth.

Phoenix-area business executives are optimistic about business growth in the third office condo gilbertquarter. This despite the bad news that the official national unemployment rate ticked up to 7.6% in May. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) did show, however 178,000 private sector payrolls were added in May.


The good news is there were minor increases in consumer spending, according to a self-reporting poll from Gallup, U.S. consumers spent more money in May than in any month since October 2008.

It was reported in the Phoenix Business Journal, according to the latest survey from Robert Half International in their  “Phoenix Professional Employment Forecast found that 83 percent of Phoenix chief financial officers expressed confidence in their company’s growth potential this quarter, with 42 percent saying they are very confident.”


While confidence in business growth potential in the Phoenix area is strong, Only 19 percent of Phoenix-area CFOs reported that they have plans to add new professional-level positions in the third quarter.


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