Payson – Arizona’s Next Boom Town

The plans for a 6,000 student university campus moves forward as the Forest Service this Payson university landweek approved the direct sale of 260 acres for a university campus, clearing the way for the start of construction.

Payson Mayor Kenny Evans, said on Friday morning after receiving news of sale approval. “It is really huge. Suddenly the floodgates have opened and we have these things we knew were going to take place. It’s going from a worry stage to a work stage.”


He estimated that construction will start by October at the earliest and December at the latest.


This plan to build a 6,000-student university, a 500-room hotel, a incubation center to turn research into startups, a solar chip assembly plant, a research park and dorms, has been a five year struggle, with one challenge after another.

The Payson Roudup reported that the Tonto National Forest and the Alliance have also agreed to settle outstanding questions about archaeological sites and having the Alliance put up a $500,000 bond to guarantee the recovery and preservation of pottery shards, stone tools and suspected dwelling foundations found on the site during the environmental assessment.

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