Eastmark’s Grand Opening on the Former GM Desert Proving Grounds

I was there Saturday for Eastmark’s Grand Opening, while my focus is commercial real industrial building near phx mesa gatewayestate, not residential real estate, I was interested in checking out this massive new development adjacent to the growing Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport area.

Eastmark encompasses 3200 acres on what used to be the GM Desert Proving grounds in southeast Mesa. My interest is in that Eastmark’s theme being “living in SynchroniCity”, DMB has planned to blend commercial, recreational, civic and retail services and amenities, Eastmark plans to be home to large and small companies from a corporate campus like First Solar to small commercial developments as well.


Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, one of the fastest airports in the country, is expected to carry over 1.7 million passengers this year. Eastmark is equally well served by ground. Just to the west of Ellsworth (within yards or the Eastmark entrance) more construction is underway with the first mile link of the new Arizona 24 freeway that will link San Tan Freeway (loop 202) to the Gateway area.


The community itself features a thoughtfully planned system of roadways,as well as featuring two freeways close to Eastmark, making getting to and from the community easy and convenient. In the near future, as many as twelve interchanges are planned to further enhance community access.

And speaking of the Gateway area, and commercial real estate projects. The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport area is projected to be the home to more than 100,000 jobs in the coming years.

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