Apache Junction Will Likely Become part of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority

There’s no doubt that Apache Junction would benefit, with its proximity to Phoenix-Mesa industrial building near phx mesa gatewayGateway Airport, one of the fastest airports in the country, is expected to carry over 1.7 million passengers this year. The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport area is projected to be the home to more than 100,000 jobs in the coming years.


Apache Junction had participated in what was the precursor to the airport authority in the early 1990s, but did not have the money to join the authority when it was formed.


Apache Junction could participate as an authority member as early as next month, pending approval by councils from Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Phoenix and the Gila River Indian Community, of an amendment to the authority’s intergovernmental agreement as well as a revised budget that factors in Apache Junction’s proposed contribution.


The move would be a boon for the airport, as well, Apache Junction’s presence is expected to boost Gateway’s income.

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