Unlike Most US cities, Phoenix Small Business Hiring Continues to Grow

Small businesses in Phoenix were still hiring in December, even with fiscal cliff office building mesauncertainty,  according to the latest Small Business Scorecard from SurePayroll.as reported by the Phoenix Business Journal.
Month-over-month hiring in December was up 0.4 percent among Phoenix small businesses following a flat showing in November.

The construction sector in the Phoenix metro area, however had posted strong job gains in November, unlike most other parts of the country where Construction employment declined or remained stagnant.

Metro Phoenix’s construction industry on the other hand was reported to have added the fifth-highest number of jobs in the nation in November, according to a new report Tuesday from the Associated General Contractors of America.

The Phoenix metro area saw a 6 percent year-over-year gain and the fifth-biggest jump in the nation in terms of raw figures. Only Houston, Dallas, Boston and Seattle saw such greater construction sector jobs increases during the period.

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One thought on “Unlike Most US cities, Phoenix Small Business Hiring Continues to Grow

  1. James L

    It’s great to see so much recent growth in Phoenix, but I can think of several abandoned commercial sites… I wonder how long they’ll sit unfinished. Anyways, glad jobs are being created!


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