SE Valley Future Development-Major Factor in Phoenix-Mesa Gateway- Landing Frontier.

Future growth in the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway area, as well as cost were major factors in persuading Frontier Airlines to become Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport’s third passenger carrier.
Gateway Executive Director Lynn Kusy was quoted in the Arizona Republic as saying “It’s not just about the cost of getting set up, it’s the cost to continue to do business, and our cost is less than half , of Phoenix Sky Harbor’s”
the Gateway area’s future growth was also a factor, with the Gateway area’s higher-eduation “knowledge corridor,” that includes Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus and Chandler-Gilbert Community college, as well as Scottsdale based DMB Associates planed nearby Eastmark development, a 3200 acre development on the former GM Desert Proving Grounds in Mesa.
Eastmark will include housing, resorts and commercial space. DMB will begin with 800 homes, but the plan  for Eastmark is to grow to 15,000 homes and 20 Million Square feet of commercial space ( that is more commercial space than downtown Phoenix according to Tevor Barger, a consultant to DMB ) and a 1200 to 1500 room resort, which would make it the state’s largest.
This should come as welcome news to the developers of the Gateway area, as well as provide investment opportunities of the already existing commercial office and industrial buildings available for sale, for lease as well as commercial land for sale in the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway area.



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