Are You Watching Who is Buying Commercial Real Estate in the Phoenix Area?

I was reading an article about Phoenix being among the Top 10 U.S. Markets in terms of foreign investment in commercial real estate for the second quarter of 2012 that I had a RSS feed from the Arizona Republic.
The article had a number of commercial real estate analysis and commercial real estate firms talking about the prices of commercial real estate in the Phoenix area and the impact of these investments on the local economy and commercial real estate market.
It also talked about the attractiveness of commercial real estate in the Phoenix and referred to it as a growth market with relatively new structures.
I should have stopped reading at the end of the article, but I continued to read the comments below which consisted of primarily political opinions which were not relevant to the story, taking pot shots at our political leaders, the foreign real estate investors and so on.
Some asked how these foreign real estate investors were able to buy now, in a recession, ( I wondered if they think it is easier for a foreign investor to buy real estate than a citizen ) but no one asked how they could buy commercial real estate, no one seemed to wonder how they could maybe form a partnership with some of their neighbors and buy some properties or roll over their IRA into a (self-directed IRA) invested in commercial real estate.
It’s been said there are three types of people: Those that “Make Things Happen”, Those that “Watch Things Happen”, and Those that “Wonder What the Heck Happened”.
No one commenting  to the article (about all these investors from foreign countries that apparently believe commercial real estate in Phoenix is a good investment right now and are taking action) seemed to be interested “making things happen”, in taking control of their own financial future, they seemed to only be interested in “watching things happen”, and complaining.
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