Seller Carrybacks – owner carries – lease options

Seller Carry backs – owner carries – lease options are making a comeback.

For the past couple of years or so I have been in many conversations where a realtor refers to a normal sale ( like it’s really rare ) or how they can’t wait till the market gets back to normal.

Guess what change happens this is normal now. Are these people waiting for the government to do something or for the banks to do something. Well guess what the government gave the banks the taxpayers money to fix the problem can’t you see it was taken care of years ago( neither can I)?

Don’t wait for the banks to fix the problem or the government to fix the problem with even more taxpayer money. The people are going to have the fix the real estate market.

We are about to enter another stage in the real estate crisis and its the people and free markets without government interference that will get us trough in my humble opinion. WE in Arizona have seen an incredibly high number of foreclosures and short sales in recent years, many families loosing their homes, so now we have all these people that would like to buy a home, many are working and may have the money for a down payment but do you think the bank will give them a loan anytime soon. And so we have a need, who will fill the need? the banks? The government? Guess again seller carry backs, owner carries, lease options these are not new words back in the 1960’s &1980’s ( before we became accustom to easy financing from banks ) 30% of the marketplace was alternative financing of one form or another ( lease option, owner carry back etc..) Americans will create the solution.

I just today was introduced to a new concept that I think will be commonplace in a half a dozen years ( main stream media should catch on in about 5 years I think ) I can’t go into details yet because the program isn’t scheduled to launch until early next year, but it sounded to me as a revolutionary concept that will benefit those displaced former homeowners as well as an opportunity for any investors. This program doesn’t’ involve banks or the government. Stay tuned for more program I am really excited about it and think we may just look at home ownership a whole different way

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