Real Estate Investor – or real estate looker

Real Estate Investor – or real estate looker?

In one of my news feeds I get the writer was writing about conversions with real estate agents that refuse to work with a real estate investor. The primary reasons given were that working with a real estate investor was a waste of time. He went on the go into detail about talking with agents that had worked with real estate investors that boosted about looking at 50 properties that week. Seriously?? What kind of real estate agent would show 50 properties without submitting an offer?  Does this agent not know the local market, or have access to a computer, or understand the criteria the investor has for their real estate investments? It’s not 1960 a real estate agent pays to have information at their fingertips plus we have free resources like Google Earth for the investor to get a quick look at the neighborhood. Was this investor not clear about the criteria they are looking for in an investment property? Or is this a real estate looker, without criteria, or are they new to investing and just don’t know what to look for yet? I bet they didn’t go to 50 restaurants and not eat at any of them.







I appreciate that this newbie real estate investor realizes the benefits and has the desire to get started in acquiring real estate investments, and the willingness of the inexperienced agent to try and help with their first real estate investment, but in the interest in saving time and getting on the road to success, I would suggest the agent team up with another agent more knowledgeable that may be willing to help teach both the new agent and new real estate investor on selecting real estate investment properties that fit the real estate investors goals.

This information is for informational purpose and not intended to be investment advise, and should be explained to you in detail. You should always feel free to consult an attorney and/or tax adviser to obtain further information you deem necessary. I want you to be prepared.



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