Are you a Real Estate Investor or speculator in real estate

Are you a Real Estate Investor,

or do you speculate in real estate, sometimes?

So many people I talk to agree that they could buy house(s) right now at a huge discount and it would probably be a good time for them to invest in real estate, but they are afraid to because of what happened to them or close relative they know or a close friend they have when they bought real estate a few years ago. So they do nothing, they sit back and watch what happens in fear of what could happen, prices could go down even more after all and they don’t want that to happen to them.

Yes they could but then is not now, then the market was fueled by people speculating in real estate. Now the Sellers Market we are currently in is fueled by real estate investors.

So whats the difference? Well those people that were speculating by buying real estate were making the decision base on emotion, not evidence there were no facts to support that prices would keep skyrocketing forever, sure I remember a guy that made $50k on his drive back home to Payson from buying an investment home in Gilbert ( about an hour and a half drive for some of us) well who would want to miss out on a chance to make that kind or profit, (emotion) but I don’t remember hearing about anyone getting any 300% pay raises back then. A real estate investor on the other hand looks for an opportunity, based on facts and evidence without emotion, if the numbers don’t support enough of their exit strategies they have as part of the plan they will walk away and look for a real estate investment property that doesn’t meet their criteria.

Real estate investing historically has always been a good long term investment vehicle, if you have an interest in owning real estate for investment purposes, my advice is don’t get caught speculating in real estate with out a plan, learn how to invest in real estate with a  plan, without emotion. Become a professional real estate investor, with a plan and a team.

This information is for informational purpose and not intended to be investment advise, and should be explained to you in detail. You should always feel free to consult an attorney and/or tax adviser to obtain further information you deem necessary. I want you to be prepared.

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