Welcome to my Real Estate Investment information Blog!

Welcome to my Real Estate Investment information Blog!

The intent of this blog is to share and exchange Real Estate Investment tips and ideas. It is my believe that real estate is one of if not the best vehicle to hold and grow wealth over time.

While recent years we have seen the most significant drop in home prices in years, some say including the great depression of the 1930’s. Fact is home prices are still higher than they were less than 10 years ago.

There is a lot of mis-information about markets out in the media, which is understandable since how familiar can a reporter thousands of miles away be about an area he/she has probably never been too? Markets are local, the real estate market in Dallas or New York for example won’t be anything like the Phoenix real estate market. When I tell people we current have a little over a 2.5 month inventory in the Gilbert, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley homes for sale, people find it hard to believe based on what the media is telling them.

It is one of my hopes to provide more accurate market information about this area, I don’t spend hours a day analyzing the Dallas or New York market but I can shed some light on what is going on in the Phoenix southeast valley particularly the areas of Gilbert, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley and surrounding Maricopa and Pinal counties.

To search properties.

This information is for informational purpose and not intended to be investment advise, and should be explained to you in detail. You should always feel free to consult an attorney and/or tax advisor to obtain further information you deem necessary. I want you to be prepared.

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